Mini olympic game event use teardrop banner to promote sports brand

The world's long-awaited Beijing Olympic Games on Friday (8/8) in the spectacular opening ceremony of the co-ordination of Zhang Yimou unveiled the torch ignited the enthusiasm of the sporting events around the world, to participate in a number of Olympic competition in America, also closely linked to the marketing of many brands the Olympic Games, such as BenQ's "super-Han Seung, McDonald's Big Mac and Fuwa magnet," Coca-Cola "on the cover Award Olympic gold medal invincible, have created a lot of benefits, not to mention the closest relationship of theory and sporting events sports brand.

Adidas order to allow consumers closer to the Olympic brand, the month of August for four consecutive Saturday, Shin Kong Mitsukoshi, Wii game consoles together to organize a "run-off" by the Beijing Sports Arena activities. Adidas marketing manager Wu Lixin said that organizing such activities with teardrop banners to promote the brand, just from August 2, until the closing of the Beijing Olympics on the 24th, the main elements combined Olympic allow consumers and players with experience, adidas activities, feelings The players in the efforts of the Beijing Olympics.

Importance of Retractable Banner Stand as POP display

Retractable Banner Stand is the most powerful form of POP advertising. Often referred to as POP advertising, marketing or vision, it will lead to all other forms of advertising in the sales return of investment input. So great impact its sales potential, many large companies simply rely on retractable banners to promote its products.

Some of the largest chain of clothing stores and drug stores dispense almost entirely in favor of the highly successful media and other types of advertising. It is an accepted fact, through clever retractable banner stand design, it can be used to sell anything from airplanes to zebras from the Jungle.

How OSIM use retractable banner to promote massage chair

OSIM often are people first think of the brand for massage chairs and health equipment. Moment of slack business, OSIM not only did not reduce their advertising budget, but through aggressive marketing as a unique use of the retractable banner, so that the brand long red.

Recession, people often at arm's length for high-priced products, the health care products and massage equipment often gives the impression of the seniors patent can not get out of the plight of an aging brand, trip originally limited market, so many brands, creating brand development new opportunities.

However, the beginning of the last couple of years OSIM "Inspiring Life" corporate mission, as a slogan to motivate consumers, coupled with thoughtful marketing practices, not only the successful development of the young demographic, and also allow consumers to know how to pamper yourself by OSIM's products with loved ones.

OSIM International vice president Wang Mingzhi share a "recession Health - OSIM incentive life business strategy to promote a healthy lifestyle" brand, parsing the OSIM How the the delicate consumer insights and integrated marketing communications, to create the star commodity legs machine sales in each pathway the secret.