National innovative public education

Written by Kate Stone. Posted in Banner Stand

Understand science and technology, but also to know how to live, this is the idea of ??the Articles in the July issue of: enjoy innovative services does not require a big fuss, do not need to spend a high price, such as drinking water readily available, as long as you are willing to use, will qualify for the Technology sportsman or digital beauties to become a better grasp of the elegant family life.

In this cover story, we explore the 9 categories innovative services consumers need most, future efforts of the expectations of consumers and manufacturers, consumers every day just to spend 55.9 yuan, you can enjoy innovative services Manchu-Han dinner, enjoy the way they like water as natural.


In addition, in this particular application in medical innovation services introduced to the reader by innovation, we can not only get the convenience and fun of everyday life, but also high-quality medical services and dignity. "Bloggers Bai Jie reports, we saw many civilian heroes in their own way, to show the new economic force in the Internet community. Daren economy in America has gradually formed a new climate, the words in early June issue of Business week said: "If you do not catch up with this trend, you have to catch up with all these new face , held June 23 at the Institute for Information Industry Institute of innovative services in the "Innovation Service Week" opened the debut of this new series of National Movement lively style.

America's venture capital industry decline it? Its current appearance is it? These problems, not only is the venture capital firms, investment professionals, start-ups or bred the subject of great interest in the enterprise, and so. We interviewed in May, the newly appointed president of the Venture Capital Association Lin Kunming, but he is optimistic about. Why is he optimistic? He saw the opportunity and the future? The domestic software industry in the global export market, has continued to seek a breakthrough in the process of the many bottlenecks, will be how to have sprung up everywhere, president of the Information Service Industry Association the Michael Liu also pointed out that some unique ideas.

Iron and steel, textile, publishing industry ... which really is a sunset industry? Look excellent steel machinery, the World Fort textile innovation practices, and import them into collaborative design, out of the differences in the design and development of more efficient to keep up with the downstream customers. They are able to take the path through the company and innovation. Listen to their small but beautiful story, you can have a deeper sort of understanding: "Innovation" is not only survival, but also the road to profit.