Subtle branding strategty

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"World MUJI" 2003 new product development. The essence of this idea, "just fine." Muji positioned between the brand and non-brand merchandise, high quality, cheaper prices, designed by the designer "does not show off the brand" goods. World MUJI invited designers around the world agree that Muji concept, to join the Development Act, these commodities is born in their assistance.

American brain tank

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Yang Zi Yan graduated from Chung Yuan Christian University Department of Mechanical Engineering, specializing in the integration of product planning and engineering, Jiangpei Shan graduated from the Department of Industrial Design, National Cheng Kung University, specializes in the design, they already love cars, referring to the car, chatterbox can not stop. Jiang Peishan childhood standing volunteer, want to do the work associated with the car, her car's dedication picky Yang Zi Renzuo-card, "and still have not found a most satisfactory car, really satisfied and can not afford."

They are cut a striking figure in the industrial center of Yulon automotive products and design quite the first generation the Cefiro there Jiangpei Shan participation. Yulon implementation of factory and office-in-one, the two are not Guaiguai Pai, is one of the few employees do not want to move to Kameyama. The company's arrangements Jiangpei Shan transferred directly into the China Motor within the same group, the Yang Zi Yan is the first Ford Lio Ho, Jiangpei Shan recalls, "I entered the China Motor Bus, one that my husband actually competitors to the company to work, I called Advertisement Promotion Department.

How OSIM use retractable banner to promote massage chair

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OSIM often are people first think of the brand for massage chairs and health equipment. Moment of slack business, OSIM not only did not reduce their advertising budget, but through aggressive marketing as a unique use of the retractable banner, so that the brand long red.

Recession, people often at arm's length for high-priced products, the health care products and massage equipment often gives the impression of the seniors patent can not get out of the plight of an aging brand, trip originally limited market, so many brands, creating brand development new opportunities.

However, the beginning of the last couple of years OSIM "Inspiring Life" corporate mission, as a slogan to motivate consumers, coupled with thoughtful marketing practices, not only the successful development of the young demographic, and also allow consumers to know how to pamper yourself by OSIM's products with loved ones.

OSIM International vice president Wang Mingzhi share a "recession Health - OSIM incentive life business strategy to promote a healthy lifestyle" brand, parsing the OSIM How the the delicate consumer insights and integrated marketing communications, to create the star commodity legs machine sales in each pathway the secret.