How can we win the bank small business award

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In order to participate in the race of the Industrial Bank of America, Polytechnic background the five G college students, split up to find a variety of technologies that can be commercialized. "You could say it is a laboratory to knock on the door," Zhang Xihuang go back and find NTU Biomedical Engineering Chemical Engineering in attendance, looking for the measurement of cardiac rhythm algorithm.

The Yang Kai period to go back to his alma mater NTUT, find frozen by the energy-saving configuration system, also see the technology of the robot champion to NTUT Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, robot technology, which specified action can be completed very soon, could be made into a "smart trash . " However, all his teammates wondered, do not know how to further application, and think "free to throw food waste down, the machine will not be broken."

Pros and cons of retractable banner stands in comparison with other media

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The greatest advantage of the retractable banner stand a lower cost than other forms of advertising. 1% or less, as long as a half of the store's total sales may be enough allocated for this purpose. Low cost, but not to other advertising media can be retractable banner stand has a unique advantage.

Retractable banner stand is not so strongly in the work shop boss elements. Show whether a retractable banner stand or indoor display, tell the customer, here is a product, and now is the time to buy. They are currently last message before the actual sales transaction. All other media advertising newspaper, radio, television, advertising, direct mail, there is a certain amount of delay before an appeal can be married in the actual sales.

The weakening effect of this delay is obvious. Always in the beginning created interest in the product may weaken opportunity to buy before the possibility of potential customers. Or in another store the High Mobility salesman perhaps might persuade him to join the purchase of replacement. Most likely he might forget the whole thing the next day.

Importance of Retractable Banner Stand as POP display

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Retractable Banner Stand is the most powerful form of POP advertising. Often referred to as POP advertising, marketing or vision, it will lead to all other forms of advertising in the sales return of investment input. So great impact its sales potential, many large companies simply rely on retractable banners to promote its products.

Some of the largest chain of clothing stores and drug stores dispense almost entirely in favor of the highly successful media and other types of advertising. It is an accepted fact, through clever retractable banner stand design, it can be used to sell anything from airplanes to zebras from the Jungle.