Pros and cons of retractable banner stands in comparison with other media

Written by Kate Stone. Posted in Retractable Banner Stand

The greatest advantage of the retractable banner stand a lower cost than other forms of advertising. 1% or less, as long as a half of the store's total sales may be enough allocated for this purpose. Low cost, but not to other advertising media can be retractable banner stand has a unique advantage.

Retractable banner stand is not so strongly in the work shop boss elements. Show whether a retractable banner stand or indoor display, tell the customer, here is a product, and now is the time to buy. They are currently last message before the actual sales transaction. All other media advertising newspaper, radio, television, advertising, direct mail, there is a certain amount of delay before an appeal can be married in the actual sales.

The weakening effect of this delay is obvious. Always in the beginning created interest in the product may weaken opportunity to buy before the possibility of potential customers. Or in another store the High Mobility salesman perhaps might persuade him to join the purchase of replacement. Most likely he might forget the whole thing the next day.


Potential sales opportunities and lost or delayed indefinitely. The retractable banner independence, is effective will produce greater results when bundled with other forms of advertising. Newspaper ads to support the retractable banner stand is especially true. Some stores, special displays, actually drew the window in its newspaper ads.

Limited advertising distribution and small fur store their most successful newspaper advertising material found its retractable banner stand, twice a month to change the actual wash drawing. In order to strengthen the similarities between advertising and display, newspaper copy is identical to the window display card copy.

Retractable banner stand to agree with their newspaper ads, this storage increase the pulling power of the two media. At the same time, it is by itself more easily identify the buying public. When bundled with other advertising media, retractable banner stand as a visual reminder of the sales share. Assume that a man in his favorite special seems he wants what aftershave lotion the magazines announcement advertising. While out shopping the next day, he decided to buy a bottle of it, but forgot the name of the brand. And the same lotion ad sales terminals posters met his eyes, and sales. It is simple and the same has been carefully planned.

It sometimes happens storage, may find that it is impractical to do a lot of newspaper ads, because the the available newspaper's circulation is too far removed from the trading range of storage. Again, the store may find it profitable to buy the full circulation of the paper to achieve a small number of its readers to patronize the store customers. Tie ups in this case is usually through direct mail advertising. The advertising nationwide often retractable banner stand manufacturers inspiration. The benefits can harvest expensive advertising program stored in this way, without incurring any charges.

This drama has always attracted extraordinary attention, and to show it stored a lot of precious. However, it would be foolish to sacrifice the entire window space to install such a fine show, for the purpose of its costs, not to go to the height), added the newspaper, radio station, or some other form of advertising. If you have the real point simply to give up space usually dedicated to the production and sales of goods, point demonstration display is the display of the history of transportation will create interest and build for the storage of sincerity. The other ads in addition to the retractable banner stand is therefore necessary in order to get the fullest attention.

Retractable banner stand add greatly transient trade store business by a passer-by. However, it should be to strengthen the newspaper, and direct mail advertising. In the remote areas of the store, in addition to newspaper ads to draw many people usually do not see the windows. Once the customer is drawn to the storage, the banner graphic and the internal affairs strongly affect the completion of the sale.