How can we win the bank small business award

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In order to participate in the race of the Industrial Bank of America, Polytechnic background the five G college students, split up to find a variety of technologies that can be commercialized. "You could say it is a laboratory to knock on the door," Zhang Xihuang go back and find NTU Biomedical Engineering Chemical Engineering in attendance, looking for the measurement of cardiac rhythm algorithm.

The Yang Kai period to go back to his alma mater NTUT, find frozen by the energy-saving configuration system, also see the technology of the robot champion to NTUT Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, robot technology, which specified action can be completed very soon, could be made into a "smart trash . " However, all his teammates wondered, do not know how to further application, and think "free to throw food waste down, the machine will not be broken."


Wu Wei cases because the aunt at the ITRI, he went to see there no application technology. "However, most of the technology has HKIT cooperation". Huang Zheng Yao back Jiaotong University Life Science, his teacher was the U.S. pharmaceutical research and development department, has a patent for the cholesterol-lowering compound chemical drugs. Gan Wei smartest, he said Jiaotong University Branch pipe next to the Hsinchu Science Park, looking technology more easily, "National Chiao Tung University with a specialized curriculum, can be found in the technical sheet of A4 columns clear at a glance."

From the outset, the instructor, Graduate encourage them to find their own value, think about some new business applications, and even to promote the concept of the user the laboratory (user lab) and not confined to the original application of the technology. "We have been thinking found each technology, there is no new applications possible? Also has been round and round on this." Find technical lasted as long as three months, "In order to participate, all of them fight, the Lunar New Year, only to go home for three days "later according to the temperature teacher guidance suggested, Mr. Liu Taihu National Chengchi University Branch pipe as five students in the Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) service via the the Mr. Liu Taihuo introduction, find also ITRI services Nianzu, is of the of teammate Wu Nianrong brother later joined, and finally found the participating technology Near Field Communication (NFC, Near Field Communication), and the team named the "international" Wyatt away. Yang Kai said, "Unless the NFC, I'm afraid we decided to do the smart trash."

The original application of technology is a money card that you get the card close-up close to the card reader, you can transfer or debit, "We will apply it on the transfer of music, to create new value and application, rather than Technical original content tied, "Huang Zheng Yao said the. They think the application is it? Move with the music. Most music download mode is downloaded to a computer via the Internet, but can not you go. Download music to the MP3 player, the majority of illegal, and there will be implanted Trojan may. KKBox download music services charge a monthly fee, downloaded to a PC to receive 149 yuan, music away $ 249. Music upstream firms concerned about the prevalence of digital music will affect the music CD release. However, the reality of the situation is that the rise of digital music, and indeed most people do not want to buy entities CD. Especially commuters, MP3 player hardware is also very popular. Existing market restrictions, The vendor client does not recognize the identity of the customer, as well as fear of digital files unrestricted copy propagation, and no reasonable feedback mechanism. Their application has no such problem, Wyatt remote RF communication technology chip identity transfer music as well as the issue of payment of cash flow.

At the same time, Wyatt away international proposals on a new business model: monthly fee "eat" 150 yuan, less than a CD the way, so that users can via Touch way, want to download the entire database 2.5 million songs to a portable MP3. The the the existing market KKBox EzPeer because of competition and there are no co-operation while Yahoo has done in the past song download, which gives Wyatt away from the idea of ??a market space. The entire business planning, including hardware, service, process up to 30 million yuan in capital planning. The NFC hardware technology owners the Nianzu running a company established Addison, business model patent owners Municipal Services Branch pipe "Wyatt away" team. Five people in order to apply for a patent, and took out 5,000 yuan monthly salary as a graduate student, raising a total of 30,000 yuan, the emerging business model patent applications in America.

The hardware end planning is also included in the business plan, existing hardware vendors are interested in investing. In addition to development NFC Music Player, but also to establish NFC multimedia digital content download platform, digital music content industry to solve the plight of the music are not allowed, this service model that can also be done Coupon discount function. "We hope to target the Chinese music market, so digital music, digital transactions, anytime, anywhere you go." Wyatt away the use of NFC technology, plans to make the smallest module, their ideas in the MP3 player. Navigator GPS Digital Photo Frame on. Also tell the user can use the coupons, deals a Touch of action. "

Why can win Placing? Huang, Zheng Yao said, "passion, vision and described more attractive, the team will be more input, the more value they have learned the secret of entrepreneurial winner.

ICBC Entrepreneurship Competition

"America the ICBC WeWin Entrepreneurship Competition is sponsored by the investment banking venture game. According to ICBC manager in America Su-Mei Wu, compared with other entrepreneurial competitions, Wewin pay more attention to the feasibility of the venture plan, hope to have the opportunity to find success stories. 50K Entrepreneurship Competition "like the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)" Campus Entrepreneurship Competition indicators in the United States. Kenneth CM Lo, chairman of ICBC read the MIT game, feels that America should also have a similar mechanism, from back in 1999 launched the Industrial Bank of America Entrepreneurship Competition. "When the thinking is that we are an industrial bank to do the backing of industry, for large-scale venture capital business, there are long-term business financing business, it is suitable to handle this entrepreneurial competition in accordance with the business plan." Integrity, innovation , feasibility, sift excellent team. The screening process, first elected 30 team, further pick out 10 teams, the top three and works from the 10-team finals. The top three teams will receive 50 million, 30 million and $ 20 million in prize money.

ICBC competition assessment financial venture capital sector Tate who Bor yuan, Wei Che-ho, Chiu Cheng-hsiung, who judges one by one carefully read the instructions carefully selected after a seven-month long game, and finally baked the ninth Champions "Zero Technology "team proposed by skin conduction wireless communication chip radio signals". The second "high-resolution biological imaging technology and services company, the project is" high-resolution three-dimensional image of the three-dimensional biological foundry services. The third "Map Bookmarks plan geographic information search system free platform, the establishment of a regional search engine as well as regional community, and plan to create a regional keyword advertising profit.

The first session of the 1999/2000 competition, "coincided with the development of the Internet industry boom, apply in up to 120 teams", in later years, at least 80 teams to 100 teams. "Last of the Ninth Venture Competition (2007/2008) with 95 teams participating. Unlike other entrepreneurial competitions, ICBC focus on counseling after the game. The ICBC addition to providing counseling, as well as irregular gatherings, such as the annual "Venture Association. For Competition team really venture, ICBC also provides 2 years of implementation of a business plan to set up a company entitled to the Industrial Bank of America to inject 100 million in venture capital funds, but also counseling students Incubation Center. WeWin entrepreneurship competition for 10 years, the cumulative number of entrepreneurs up to 17, this is one of the characteristics of other entrepreneurial game record, ICBC entrepreneurial competition.

"America the ICBC WeWin Entrepreneurship Competition" was originally locked the eight industries, the fifth to join the people's livelihood and business services, digital content projects, but also increase the cutting-edge award. To the eighth increase in environmental protection and energy. The Ninth cooperation with the Institute for Information Industry, to increase the "Network Innovation Award", a prize of $ 50,000. Award-winning National Chengchi University, Hua Fan NTU students Wyatt away.