How OSIM use retractable banner to promote massage chair

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OSIM often are people first think of the brand for massage chairs and health equipment. Moment of slack business, OSIM not only did not reduce their advertising budget, but through aggressive marketing as a unique use of the retractable banner, so that the brand long red.

Recession, people often at arm's length for high-priced products, the health care products and massage equipment often gives the impression of the seniors patent can not get out of the plight of an aging brand, trip originally limited market, so many brands, creating brand development new opportunities.

However, the beginning of the last couple of years OSIM "Inspiring Life" corporate mission, as a slogan to motivate consumers, coupled with thoughtful marketing practices, not only the successful development of the young demographic, and also allow consumers to know how to pamper yourself by OSIM's products with loved ones.

OSIM International vice president Wang Mingzhi share a "recession Health - OSIM incentive life business strategy to promote a healthy lifestyle" brand, parsing the OSIM How the the delicate consumer insights and integrated marketing communications, to create the star commodity legs machine sales in each pathway the secret.

And four innovative development of the young female market

In order to change the concept of the average consumer of health care products belonging to the senior citizens, OSIM product innovation, service innovation, four innovative showcase innovation and marketing innovation, hoping to escape the old market, to create a new brand image with Retractable Banners.

Wang Mingzhi pointed out that the three first OSIM do in Asia are the most popular care brand, most popular massage brand with the most popular massage chair brands, guarantee high quality by the customer trust after start From this starting to launch products for young people to expand their customer, so the brand younger, is also OSIM reach a new peak marketing task.

For more than 25 years old, growing purchasing power will be off layer, OSIM launched the first generation legs, hoping to inspire young customer demand for health products. In particular, a young female, they own legs like chiling, with this huge market demand, OSIM begun to strengthen the first line of contact with consumers, and more are in store display of OTC service quality requirements, whether it is show the atmosphere of the point of sale, the store clerk, and the products on retractable banner stand display, should try to bring the consumer a fresh feel. Wang Mingzhi OSIM every detail to do our best, the aim is to make the customer satisfied with the product, but also the surrounding and after-sales service satisfaction, to make every customer to enjoy the full range of services.

Wang Mingzhi stressed that most foot massage in the past stressed the pathological saying ", that is, when the feet are sore, only use massage equipment needs. Interpret the way of foot massage, although sales stable, but difficult to breakthrough growth.

For sights are female consumer market, OSIM foot massage with innovative marketing strategies packaging - Leg Machine "; In other words, this massage is not just massage it, there are legs function from the women most concerned about perspective to establish the precise demands of the exclusive positioning for the product. Product information close to the needs of the consumer when the consumer marketing strategy to open atrium, so that the target group of interest relative increase.
Emotional marketing to create legs opportunities

Because The massage equipment belonging to the high price of health care products, OSIM, many consumers are willing to spend money to their parents, but not necessarily willing to buy their own. The face of such spending habits, OSIM, "Do not let tired legs ? paralyzed" for the demands of your beauty, "the first generation of the the" isqueez legs magician legs machine tailored for women, and pamper yourself have more power to pursue their dreams, "emotional appeal to drive sales.

Wang Mingzhi instructions, a 450% growth in sales than the traditional foot massage female consumers innovative marketing Calf impress the female demographic, but also because of the emotional marketing tactics of the legs machine homeopathic to deepen consumer "female exclusive products impression reinforced legs machine persuasive.

Leg Machine excellent sales results after the first generation, OSIM has subsequently launched the second generation legs "usqueez legs magician", in addition to product form and function are better, and also to find on chiling as Asia spokesperson, planning series of marketing investment and media arrangements.

Wang Mingzhi, said Lin Chi-ling has high name recognition and a positive image, together with itself is the first generation legs love, quite familiar with the product, in line with the expectations of the OSIM spokesperson. Successful fermentation by voice strategy, legs machine boom also constantly heating enlarge, usqueez launched on a record success, hot more than 10 million units, this results not only make the the foot massager successful transformation into a fashion health products, but also to usqueez perfect combination and Lin Chi-ling.

The "the legs magic book" In addition, in order to enable consumers to get more intimate service, OSIM special making chiling demonstration network for consumers' reference. Legs Spellbook not only be able to do for personal status "the legs detection" assessment, which also suggested many tie usqueez use, such as leg and bath, let the customer in accordance with usqueez use these methods to ensure better legs effectiveness, also increase brand interaction with customers.
Close to winning to make good use of the path propagation

Wang Mingzhi OSIM integrated marketing communication strategy focus, clear positioning and a clear and consistent message. Therefore, in addition to the spokesperson qualities, the positioning of the legs in the target markets clear, integrated marketing model to achieve overwhelming, OSIM also through TV commercials, print ads, the official website, public relations activities, store retractable banner displays, and related products for women's cross marketing, database marketing, and even increase the display and sale of dozens of points in the department store channel, target customers can easily clear contact or receive product information to the OSIM.

Wang Mingzhi said with a smile, machine hot legs, OSIM in the department store channel to create a word of mouth sales legend. General female consumers walk around the lower floors of the department store cosmetics, clothing, and within pajamas, few health equipment area to continue to the upper floors of the consumer, legs machine has led to the emergence of the female demographic "upstairs to continue shopping" to buy gas on the legs product demand, successful female customers agree.
Situational factors feel the value of the product

In addition, in order to let the product impression deeply rooted in the heart of consumers, OSIM MRT station and the gym's locker room, but also set up a large number of outdoor advertising, the purpose is easier to feel the value of the product, so that the target customer segment through situational factors.

Wang Mingzhi extensive and accurate the contact target consumer demographic, is the only way to close to the customer, with such marketing as a foundation, coupled with different media and activities carry out their duties, natural produce synergy to exceed performance of the original set.

Reached the stage business objectives, OSIM build brand loyalty through customer relationship management (CRM), not only every six months, "OSIM Fans" Quarterly long-term contact Customer remind old customers continue to use the products purchased , it is more important to customers to introduce new products have special features, the new listing, boot loyal customers for the redemption of the action.
For the future of the media plan, OSIM What did they intend to do? Wang Mingzhi analysis, OSIM media budget is based on performance targets, although the downturn in the first half of 2009, but in order to maintain a stable performance, demand media effectiveness did not reduce.

However, the cost of the media because of the recession but there has been little decline in the space, so OSIM investment in the media in the first half of 2009, better benefits, but in the contrarian. That the target performance in the second half of OSIM will resume growth, will increase investment in the media, while requiring precision and efficiency.