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Yang Zi Yan graduated from Chung Yuan Christian University Department of Mechanical Engineering, specializing in the integration of product planning and engineering, Jiangpei Shan graduated from the Department of Industrial Design, National Cheng Kung University, specializes in the design, they already love cars, referring to the car, chatterbox can not stop. Jiang Peishan childhood standing volunteer, want to do the work associated with the car, her car's dedication picky Yang Zi Renzuo-card, "and still have not found a most satisfactory car, really satisfied and can not afford."

They are cut a striking figure in the industrial center of Yulon automotive products and design quite the first generation the Cefiro there Jiangpei Shan participation. Yulon implementation of factory and office-in-one, the two are not Guaiguai Pai, is one of the few employees do not want to move to Kameyama. The company's arrangements Jiangpei Shan transferred directly into the China Motor within the same group, the Yang Zi Yan is the first Ford Lio Ho, Jiangpei Shan recalls, "I entered the China Motor Bus, one that my husband actually competitors to the company to work, I called Advertisement Promotion Department.


"she tactfully told the company not bringing her into the design units, will regret wasting her ability, the company finally agreed to let her continue to do the design. China is the original center of gravity in the commercial vehicle, but it was a chance encounter, Chinese partners Mitsubishi hopes to push small passenger cars in America, with China Motor cars try to develop the local market. Jiangpei Shan Yulon has been involved in the first generation of the design Cefiro is a veteran, eventually useless.

The golden years of the automobile industry in America

America, it is just beginning to peak of the automobile industry. The purpose of automotive design, Cefiro is a masterpiece, is the introduction of the Japanese Nissan original cars, but the tastes and needs facelift for native-off layer, but it can create a new sales market. The first generation of Cefiro, launched in 1988, America's design is only slightly modified (Jiangpei Shan said, "they can not change too much.") But the market response, beginning in 1994, the second generation of Cefiro, developed the America proprietary design style, and in the market with great success. Yang Zi Yan said, "in 1993, 1994 and 2003, during the golden years of the automobile industry in America, during this period, we have accumulated a lot of experience and honing."

China launched the Lancer, Jiangpei Shan surgeon facelift, sales better in Japan. Mitsubishi sales in America forty thousand a year, the highest in the market and the top two, China Mitsubishi was certainly the mother plant. Therefore, Jiangpei Shan have the opportunity personally to Mitsubishi Design Center, the simultaneous development of the America version of the car. In fact, this is the OEM model of the automobile industry: America depot changes to the original design, changed the style of local preferences, while the third plant in line with the design and implementation of Yang Zi Yan. In this process, training a unique design capabilities and manufacturing capabilities.

Moreover, marketing and product planning talent is more important. In China, for example, to enter the car market at this stage, the original lacking this know-how in the commercial vehicle, car brand competition, demographics segmentation, market research and promotion programs are not a small Xi Yang Zi Yan is the They need talent. He later entered China from Ford Lio Ho is responsible for brand marketing programs each month, including bonuses, rules of the game, marketing media. The Yang Zi Yan is most proud of masterpiece Grandis, a family recreational vehicles, analysis Cefiro, can only sit five Utility Vehicle is the future of the family car. 1996, 1997 when he looked market, America does not have any one of these cars, but Mitsubishi has a highest Grandis sales before the spear, exactly what he had in mind vehicles. Yang Zi Yan spent half a year to convince the boss to sign was finally successful the Grandis introduction of America, to great acclaim. But no matter where, they still do not change the true nature of the maverick, "China Motor stipulated let the husband and wife work, we not only work together, often travel together, a lot of people will say ah!" Looking back period of time, Yang Zi Yan could not help but say, "However, we can be considered to set a lot of achievements! see the general reputation of the husband and wife team.

Large depot for many years, the Yang Zi Yan Jiangpei Shan cumulative experience and achievements, but also think they really want to do. Jiangpei Shan said, "The depot is a big machine, what the plans are to be implemented very easily. Was still young, want to do anything that was very clear, like a good play." Yang Zi Yan agreed, through so many cases, the two execution enough, should be able to go out into the world. But what to do? The common idea is to set up an automotive design company, core shape, design services, "Our vision is that this company not only design, but also to do a forward-looking view of the research." Yang Zi Yan said.

"I recall that was really crazy!"

Lunar New Year in early 2000, they resigned to his former club, and commitment to the left from China, absolutely not switched to competitors, but to open their own new company. "After leaving home every day to live a life that whenever he woke up, waking up to discuss the matter of the new company. Jiangpei Shan recalled her most leisurely day, a sudden shift from the role of the staff for the boss, planning for two to three months, but only the idea of ??the company's vision, plant architecture, but do not know where the business is, "At first I think we are strong-willed, strong execution, but afterwards look, we were really crazy! "

Creative database design career "was formally established in May 2000, the paid-up capital of $ 10 million, the company began to recruit eight to ten employees, bought a set of software of $ 2 million, three , four months later bought a plant, "We are unable to find space to buy equipment, spent nearly ten million, the company's money is almost gone!" burn speed is much faster than expected, but the business is not sent home to. The first case the source came from the Ford vice president Liu said the sea to pull strings, creative response to your Subaru Impreza facelift case, the local version of the design for the America market. But then America agent financial problems, almost not receive money, fortunately the last Japanese manufacturer still meet its payment. Jiangpei Shan is most proud of is the design style is reflected today in the latest Impreza. Although it was Chinese employees have a deep relationship with his former club, but they do not want to because of business did not materialize suddenly ran back to find his old club business, a full year and a half, creative library is not China Motor business dealings. Later came into contact with was about to mass production Third, incorporating the semiotics of the problems encountered on the design of the grille, how it seems are not quite right, to the Creative Library neighborhoods, only a short time of three months. The grille on the car is a facade, To do modeling results, the time required in engineering, technical. Fortunately, creative library has invested in digital design tools, development and concurrent engineering design at the same time, the project, feasibility of production together with consideration of the original six, the case of the seven-month project period, three completed within a period of months. "We timeliness and technology in exchange for reputation, so the opportunity to."

Adhere to the creative

Capital for the development of automotive design, we also hold the position of the suspect, did not see the creative library this company. First, as a layman of the automotive industry, we have never heard enough scale automotive design company, who are looking for a design company in America design cars? If you want to visit creative library, you must first access to Taoyuan High Speed ??Rail Station, the relatively remote Turtle Township street, appearance looks more like a factory into the inside look like factories. In addition to the mental and physical office space, the most important core space, large equipment to make 3D models, three stories, the asking price of NT $ 50 million machine, called the five-axis machining, precision can do Air too level models, such as wind tunnel test model, is the creative library last year to buy back from Japan. Creative library, due to the assistance of the model, a week can complete a body model, whether it is oil soil material, resin, aluminum, or PU can be produced. Jiangpei Shan said that this is the international factory to find the specifications of the design proposal, "With this axis machining, in order to truly our design precision molding." To see the machine factory office, the first time we have the feeling that this is a fully-fledged automotive design company!

The early days, they have a good case then. In 2001, to help Shanghai GM small sail (Sail) cars, and more and more the case of source from China, more and more the opportunity to travel to the mainland, they decided to set up the studio in Shanghai. End of 2002, the Office was formally established in Shanghai, now has 20 to 30 employees. It was at this time, the end of the golden age of the America auto market, the rise of the mainland market, Yang Zi Yan sigh, "America's auto sales fell to a year now 300,000 from 500,000 a year scale, many third-party does not survive, and ran away. "plus import a new car is slow, the remaining one-third of the new car, the creative library had to actively develop the America case outside source. The increase in business from China, and even many international companies, contact them through the creative library, rather than directly to America.

The past two years, mainland China's small and medium-sized automotive companies have mushroomed rise, because of their lack of design energy to find professional automotive design company is to develop a new car the fastest way, the creative library also began to have more and more competitors. Even many mainland depot, in order to quickly develop the lowest cost design companies want direct selling counterfeit foreign cars. Design company to this relatively easy case have competed against each other on price, so-called "reverse the signs". This business, Yang Zi benevolence and Jiangpei Shan, can not do it. Later, they found that this type of design companies, many of which are in America, having failed to make the company went to the mainland to do business. These Americaese know the mainland many depots would like counterfeit foreign design it to be priced competitively, draw and selling foreign car models to customers. Creative libraries often encountered holding customer orders door, they copied the pattern. Jiangpei Shan said, "We do not copy, do not do the reverse signs, non-price competition, will have to give a lot of business, but if they want to design brand, these opportunities had to give up."

However, the paradox is that the creative library to do creative design, or can not do the brand, because they accept commissioned to design the car of the depot, the development of the type adapted to local market tastes, but only the trailer factory brand, can not be linked to the brand of creative library. We repeated questioning in the course of the visit, they design domestic and external models, but they steadfastly refused to drain tone, obviously, if you speak out, for breach of the interests of its clients. "The world's only a few of the largest automotive design company can hang his name Giugiaro in Italy is a Pininfarina is another, to do their status, have a chance to." But The Yang Zi Yan also found, has been to help automobile plant design, develop their own brand, not a permanent solution. In 2005, the creative library at the Shanghai International Auto Show, launched the X-Coupe "concept car at the scene caused a sensation, critically acclaimed. This year April 20 to 28, the Beijing auto show, creative library to re-introduce the second generation of X-Coupe styling swift and fierce, after the exhibition, our access to the creative library the next day happened to be shipped back to America, although no opportunity to witness to the new car, but there is no doubt, Yang Zi benevolence and Jiangpei Shan, has already begun to build America's first automotive design brand.

High specification looking for employees

Entrepreneurship is not easy to join the creative library staff, seems to have to be psychologically prepared for hard development for the company, and thus of Yang Zi Yan Jiangpei Shan employees is to take care, either in America or Shanghai office, creative library staff to prepare quarters. They rented several apartments near the office, join the creative library employees free housing, even the utilities do not have to pay.

"At first we even quilts to help them prepare it!" Such a good treatment is not common in small companies, Yang Zi Yan said, "We're not famous depot, neither the brand, but also after the completion of the works keep a low profile, we can give them, there is really no way to depot "In order to let the employees are willing to work hard together with the creative library, on the environment to provide the nurturing of talents, than the average company must be more bother than.

"We pick one, the design department is looking for from the National Cheng Kung University Department of Industrial Design top students to both engineers or designers, the Yang Zi Yan Jiangpei Shan proposed a set of training programs, a step-by-step learning with new employees. "Do our culture takes a long time, in addition to the solid training, but also so that they often go abroad to an eye-opener." Creative library every month spent on travel cost of nearly two hundred thousand encountered important auto show, the two bit boss hesitate to spend money and time to send six to eight employees to visit, "they are not allowed to go out and see how to make a good design?" Yang Zi Yan said. Do the design, after all, and life experience. Compared to the differences in America and the mainland staff, said Yang Zi Yan, the mainland staff skills are strong, the mainland designers all have a strong graphics capabilities, but they do not know the car, often the gear lever to draw the wrong position farce . Yang Zi Yan joked: "Sometimes Jiangpei Shan is very well done, they will ask: do you really know do not know where the steering wheel?" Even if the high quality of design and drawing, and automotive cultural barriers, often makes them a major headache, "This also very helpless, many of them did not open the car, this situation does not occur in America. "

The design of the future

Creative library adhere to innovation is not no chance, in 2007, the Chinese government began to encourage independent brand, accustomed to copying foreign models design company, five years before starting the trip "reverse" years, the Chinese automotive design company, has finally started playing regular warfare. Creative library challenges lie ahead, Jiangpei Shan said, "Basically, we will not persuade others to take the case to inconvenient for us to take over the case as profolio, we only accept those who share our design of the source case. So if there is no relationship or well-known, the scale of the design company will not be able to grow. "The world of these companies like us about one twenty, we can be considered a medium-sized design company Yang Zi Yan said," to distinguish the scope of work encompasses medium-sized companies, for example, from the pre Research done behind prototype, the services provided and scope of large companies more. "but asked how large design companies have their own brand, Jiangpei Shan exposed shy smile," we are still groping. "

Automotive product development, from design to volume production needs two or three years time, so the creative library, two, three years after the market strategy and design, which makes the creative library must always retain the forward-looking, energy, materials to enhance special attention to the green trend is particularly important. They know just passively waiting for this type of case over the future of the creative library, there is no chance.

Today's creative library has been far not eight years ago, the newly created company the Jiangpei Shan Yang Zi Ren is still the same simple low-key, and they are now thinking: a new business model, the future direction of new financial planning, almost and then once Venture is no different. OEM design, leading to the international automotive design brand forward, another tough try them on behalf of the America innovation