Subtle branding strategty

Written by Kate Stone. Posted in Retractable Banner

"World MUJI" 2003 new product development. The essence of this idea, "just fine." Muji positioned between the brand and non-brand merchandise, high quality, cheaper prices, designed by the designer "does not show off the brand" goods. World MUJI invited designers around the world agree that Muji concept, to join the Development Act, these commodities is born in their assistance.


Many well-known designers, such as the German industrial designer Konstantin Grcic, British designer Sebastian Bergne, and Japanese industrial designer Naoto Fukasawa, agree with the concept of Muji, and assist in the development of the commodity. And the product of their design, in addition to not marked brand, nor marked designer names. Muji do not want to advertise the reputation of the designer, but to Muji lifestyle advocated "like" to attract consumers.

Naoto Fukasawa designed wall-mounted CD player, Taiwan and Japan consumer favorite Muji appliances. The CD player by Naoto Fukasawa designed "as if there does not seem to" machine looks like a thick point of the CD case, when you want to listen to music directly to the CD on a transparent dial , pull the sling, the music begins with the speaker on the panel sent out.

World MUJI "products are designed by well-known designers, materials and functional quality of the goods is higher, so this series of the pricing of goods, usually even higher than the Muji basic commodities, but we all believe that, if the design the name of the teacher put up, prices will inevitably be more expensive.

This series is not to fight the designer name, but lower prices to the success of "World MUJI" is Muji's basic line extension of the product. The designer must be able to the things of everyday life deeply rooted re thoughts, ideas, to develop the World MUJI products, and therefore, such designer is not. Nevertheless, Muji is still ? six years of spring, summer, launched a two hundred thirteen World MUJI goods, is very alarming.