Biotechnology making sweeter tomato

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The boutique America is not a slogan, America's high-tech and traditional manufacturing industries, has long been the creation and development countless excellent products with high quality from America, an internationally renowned. However, the agricultural sector of the industry in the first stage, America's agricultural producers do not fall behind, not only continued research and development of innovative types of agricultural products, more leading manufacturing schedule, make good use of the most advanced wireless sensing technology (WSN ), to overcome the changes in the weather, output the best fine agricultural products. After more than a year effort by the Institute for Information Industry to provide technical support, and the actual integrated operation provided by the grace River Technology in Tainan County, Golden Triangle production cooperatives in Taichung cooperation, has been successful on-line test of the country's health innovation concept of cattle tomato cooperation mode of production, planting the most delicious sweet golden cow tomato sights on the billions of dollars in agricultural business opportunities.

III FIND statistics show that contains the field of agricultural production, livestock breeding, aquaculture and crops planted; three areas of the field of food processing and logistics industry, the annual output value of more than 80 billion yuan. Among them, the field of agricultural production up to 56 billion market opportunity, the first of the three major areas. "Broadwood" the concept of fad diets advertised in recent years has driven a new wave patterns of health New Life Movement. How to eat Broadwood Broadwood, live among the most IN topic. Of course, from the producers of agricultural products to the processing industry, and even to provide farm products industry auxiliary production tools equipment manufacturer, is also optimistic about this wave of Broadwood wave, competing to produce the most relevant concepts of health and vitality products, sights this wave Broadwood opportunities.

Mini olympic game event use teardrop banner to promote sports brand

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The world's long-awaited Beijing Olympic Games on Friday (8/8) in the spectacular opening ceremony of the co-ordination of Zhang Yimou unveiled the torch ignited the enthusiasm of the sporting events around the world, to participate in a number of Olympic competition in America, also closely linked to the marketing of many brands the Olympic Games, such as BenQ's "super-Han Seung, McDonald's Big Mac and Fuwa magnet," Coca-Cola "on the cover Award Olympic gold medal invincible, have created a lot of benefits, not to mention the closest relationship of theory and sporting events sports brand.

Adidas order to allow consumers closer to the Olympic brand, the month of August for four consecutive Saturday, Shin Kong Mitsukoshi, Wii game consoles together to organize a "run-off" by the Beijing Sports Arena activities. Adidas marketing manager Wu Lixin said that organizing such activities with teardrop banners to promote the brand, just from August 2, until the closing of the Beijing Olympics on the 24th, the main elements combined Olympic allow consumers and players with experience, adidas activities, feelings The players in the efforts of the Beijing Olympics.

Insights and trend of technology development

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Since May 9, 2007, the original management consulting firm Mercer Oliver Wyman, a financial strategy consulting firm Mercer Delta Organization consulting firm three integration as "Oliver Wyman" to become one of the world's leading management consulting firms. "Innovation Chi" Oliver Wyman agree that the first of this year for the annual global communications, media and technology industry status report "published Oliver Wyman.

The reports, statistics communications, media, technology industry from 2002-2007, the global market heavyweights operating performance and results of the past five years, also observed that the emerging markets in the communications, media, science and technology industrial development present situation. This report mainly Shareholder Performance Index (SPI), an objective ranking of the world's largest 450 listed on the communications, media and technology companies. Shareholder Performance Index (SPI) method of calculating income volatility, as the difference in interest rates around the mergers and acquisitions and other factors have been adjusted in order to achieve the benchmark consistent shareholder returns between different companies.