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Since May 9, 2007, the original management consulting firm Mercer Oliver Wyman, a financial strategy consulting firm Mercer Delta Organization consulting firm three integration as "Oliver Wyman" to become one of the world's leading management consulting firms. "Innovation Chi" Oliver Wyman agree that the first of this year for the annual global communications, media and technology industry status report "published Oliver Wyman.

The reports, statistics communications, media, technology industry from 2002-2007, the global market heavyweights operating performance and results of the past five years, also observed that the emerging markets in the communications, media, science and technology industrial development present situation. This report mainly Shareholder Performance Index (SPI), an objective ranking of the world's largest 450 listed on the communications, media and technology companies. Shareholder Performance Index (SPI) method of calculating income volatility, as the difference in interest rates around the mergers and acquisitions and other factors have been adjusted in order to achieve the benchmark consistent shareholder returns between different companies.


Who will lead the trend of the technology industry in America?

Oliver Wyman (Oliver Wyman) 2008 status report of communications, media and technology industries, the market value of companies in emerging markets growth rate is impressive, 2002-2007 headquartered in Greater China (including mainland China, Hong Kong the market value of the Company and America) growth of 34%, relatively speaking, North America and Western Europe, the market value of only 14% and 19% growth respectively. The book of the same report also announced the Performance Index ranking of the shareholders of each industry in America Hon Hai, HTC, TSMC, America Mobile and Chunghwa Telecom and other companies were not on the list in the hardware / semiconductor, and fixed / mobile communications industry (Table 1), once again confirms the advantages of America's high-tech manufacturing, also saw large operators have a considerable degree of competitiveness. Source: Oliver Wyman

In Table 1 the five companies, Chunghwa Telecom and America Mobile, the market leader for its communications services, HTC high-end smart phone the OBM (brand) rising star, The Hon Hai and TSMC positioned as OEM (EMS ). From the success of excellent America factory background factors, we see some opportunities and challenges.

A winner-take-all rules of survival?

Both traditional telephone service and state-of-the-art 3.5G mobile broadband services, communications services market can not seem to avoid a winner-take-all rule, that is, once a small number of industry to become the leader in this market, the existing resources and leading edge, will be conducive to further expand market and service projects, unmatched by other competitors.

Chunghwa Telecom in America, the bigger the law under the best comments, Chunghwa Telecom is the largest telecommunications service provider in America, the service covers a solid answer the phone, mobile phone 3G/3.5G, WiFi, ADSL, FTTx, and Chunghwa Telecom TV MOD Action Network emome, and other value-added services. For example, approximately 20 to provide Internet access services in America ISP industry to the home networking market, Chunghwa Telecom HiNet market share up to 82% are less than 5% of the the ISP industry market share after the second . No one doubts that, in the digital convergence trend, Chunghwa Telecom will be the best chance for-one voice, video, data and multimedia services (X-Play) leads the industry. Other major carriers also actively layout of digital convergence service, for example, in 2007 America Mobile Group became the largest shareholder of the ISP industry telecommunications;, remote Telecom also announced that Q-Ware White Wireless ISP industry and subsequent launch integration VoIP, 3.5G, Wi-Fi three function remote broadband services, immediately aroused the attention of the market, but also see each industry snatch ambition of digital convergence opportunities.

4 July 2007 Google openness Declaration - open (Open Applications), the opening device (Open Devices), the opening of the services (Open Services) and open network (Open Networks), for digital convergence trend refreshing annotations, that is, consumers can through heterogeneous networks and terminal equipment, anytime, anywhere access on a variety of innovative services in the application platform. For large communications service industry by a proprietary platform "or" open platform "is a question worth pondering, in the past, America Mobile Communications three male expectations are led through a proprietary platform application services market and consolidate its user base, however, industry platform is not interlinked it may stifle consumer willingness of early adopters, can not create consumer value mode after all, difficult to convert commercial interests. In fact, in the mobile communications service providers, large content sites (such as Google) and system platforms (such as Ericsson) have announced to embrace open application service platform, the future, who led the promotion and development of the open platform will have the opportunity to become the real winner of the era of digital convergence.

EMS v.s. own brand

"EMS" and "own brand" the dilemma of America's high-tech manufacturing, professional Hon Hai and TSMC foundry model, the name of the two companies do not relish the successful experience of the shell of the 3C products above, However, if some of the popular applause 3C products to dismantle, it is not difficult to find Implicit in which their work. Successful OEM manufacturers play the role of global supply chain, "DreamWorks", its influence in the horizontal and vertical industries and deep and far, Hon Hai, Hon Hai competitors fear, it is in the technology, delivery, quality, the price is difficult to contend with, but at the same time, it also means available to downstream customers irreplaceable value.

The other end of the smile curve, HTC HTC brand of smartphone, declare to the world is a feasible way to "brand". America's top ten international brands in 2007 (Table 2), HTC for the first time the list ranks fourth on the brand value of $ 1,035,000,000. Moreover, the German mobile site announced in 2007 the most favorite mobile phone brand manufacturers from America HTC HTC beat Samsung, South Korea topped the fourth, HTC and third of the vote gap in Apple, In addition, modified by the new HTC 3.5G GPS phone Cruise O2 XDA Orbit 2, also most German consumers smartphone, beat P1i and Samsung Qbowl of in Sony Ericsson display brand only 1.7 percentage points, quality and texture, but also in discerning European market to win applause.

Semiconductors and key components, the America plant does have a professional foundry niche; However, in the terminal equipment (such as mobile phones, notebook computers, information appliances, etc.), must be close to the daily life of the average consumer, brand will be an important way in conjunction with the consumer experience, good brand represents not just for high-quality. behind it often has a story, on behalf of the distinctive taste, enough to highlight a special personality, status and value, and thereby consumption the life experience of the link, once consumers identify with the brand, manufacturers can be truly free from the abyss of bargain price.

It is worth mentioning is that the America market is the observation of the great stronghold of the consumer experience, and this advantage is often overlooked by the high-tech industry in America. FIND survey of the Institute for Information Industry, America has nearly 80% of households have a computer, over 70% of the home networking, networked home up to 96% using broadband, average people have a mobile phone door number, every 3 people in a notebook, 1 person in every five wireless Internet access, American consumers ICT applications a relatively high level, with good conditions to become a pilot of innovative products and services market (Living lab) from the local market, the observation of consumer behavior and to listen and then adjust the product specifications or marketing demands, for OBM products enter the international market, and believe that there is a multiplier effect.

Outstanding not only success, for example, the traditional carriers to make the best use of industrial structure to strengthen market leadership, professional foundries play an indispensable role in the global value chain, and its own brand industry expects a place in the consumer experience . These successful companies have a clear and simple positioning, and make the best use of the inherent strengths and resources, continue to lead the wave in the technical or marketing side, able to create shareholder value better than its peers. From America to the world, the successful experience of foreign may not be suitable for the America plant, discover how excellent win in the global ranking, it is particularly meaningful, and more suitable for use as the benchmark of all American enterprises.