Mini olympic game event use teardrop banner to promote sports brand

Written by Kate Stone. Posted in Teardrop Banner

The world's long-awaited Beijing Olympic Games on Friday (8/8) in the spectacular opening ceremony of the co-ordination of Zhang Yimou unveiled the torch ignited the enthusiasm of the sporting events around the world, to participate in a number of Olympic competition in America, also closely linked to the marketing of many brands the Olympic Games, such as BenQ's "super-Han Seung, McDonald's Big Mac and Fuwa magnet," Coca-Cola "on the cover Award Olympic gold medal invincible, have created a lot of benefits, not to mention the closest relationship of theory and sporting events sports brand.

Adidas order to allow consumers closer to the Olympic brand, the month of August for four consecutive Saturday, Shin Kong Mitsukoshi, Wii game consoles together to organize a "run-off" by the Beijing Sports Arena activities. Adidas marketing manager Wu Lixin said that organizing such activities with teardrop banners to promote the brand, just from August 2, until the closing of the Beijing Olympics on the 24th, the main elements combined Olympic allow consumers and players with experience, adidas activities, feelings The players in the efforts of the Beijing Olympics.


Activities arranged invented a game of football, baseball, basketball and tennis Olympic events; set the entity which, basketball hoop so that the consumer movement, the football part, is scheduled for a Japanese TV program in football Jiugongge; baseball and tennis, reality game console "Wii", when consumers completed the four invented a game, you can get adidas Olympic commemorative coins.
The adidas Olympic commemorative coins, a total of five, are Americaese players have taken part in the Olympics, including taekwondo, tennis, baseball, basketball and football, with a jigsaw puzzle makes up all kinds of sports dolls, choose to use traditional Wu Lixin, jigsaw puzzle composed of Olympic Events, quite implications for the final build. This time with Wii virtual reality sports games, also just catch the wave of Wii officially listed in America, held in conjunction joint marketing (Join-marketing), invented a game, the main stage of the active site, there will be from time to time consumer activities, asking consumers Olympic-related quiz. The teardrop banners and big screen on the stage, continue to play the adidas endorsers Chu Mu-yen and Yang Shujun, behind-the-scenes of TV commercials, and personal interviews with film, so that consumers entertainment, continue to receive brand message.
"Winning the opening ceremony of the Beijing Sports Arena", adidas invited Erin supermodel Lin and Li, Wang Liya, the the SBL basketball star hair grace and Chen Ziwei, packet athletics, interesting football style competitions, competition adidas awarded a large gold . Wu Lixin, adidas has always been the spirit of the brand, is to encourage athletes to break through the self, in order to enable consumers to truly experience the hard work of the players training process, set the Sports Arena, so that consumers can enjoy sports in a relaxed atmosphere, . Participating supermodel Wang Liya, past each Olympic Games is always at home watching the broadcast when the audience, this time their next game, it really enjoyable. Tennis school team when Lin and Li, empathy athletes training hard, this is no way to visit the Beijing Olympics, to participate in activities as the Olympic experience with teardrop banner, is also good.
adidas Olympic activities that use teardrop banner to promote, from March of this year to start planning, closely linked to the "impossible" (Impossible is nothing) spirit of the brand, held in late April "ran" for winning the Beijing road race activities, also invited adidas selected America Olympic - taekwondo player Chu Mu-yen and Yang Shujun, and consumers, road race, divided into professional "Call of Duty Elite" and fun "enthusiasm" of the aid group, so that people can get up close contact with the Olympians, to give them support and encouragement. Although it is impossible to estimate in conjunction with the Olympic marketing, you can bring much benefit for the brand, but Wu Lixin pointed out that the "Olympic" driven by consumers' passion for sports, brought up the growth and development of the sports industry, is in the affirmative.
The Olympics is a good time to build sports brands with teardrop banner and drive sales, however, the Olympic Games only once every four years, for a period of a month of events and activities, with the closing fireworks ashes, brand how to continue to follow the consumer movement enthusiasm, and a new test.