Biotechnology making sweeter tomato

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The boutique America is not a slogan, America's high-tech and traditional manufacturing industries, has long been the creation and development countless excellent products with high quality from America, an internationally renowned. However, the agricultural sector of the industry in the first stage, America's agricultural producers do not fall behind, not only continued research and development of innovative types of agricultural products, more leading manufacturing schedule, make good use of the most advanced wireless sensing technology (WSN ), to overcome the changes in the weather, output the best fine agricultural products. After more than a year effort by the Institute for Information Industry to provide technical support, and the actual integrated operation provided by the grace River Technology in Tainan County, Golden Triangle production cooperatives in Taichung cooperation, has been successful on-line test of the country's health innovation concept of cattle tomato cooperation mode of production, planting the most delicious sweet golden cow tomato sights on the billions of dollars in agricultural business opportunities.

III FIND statistics show that contains the field of agricultural production, livestock breeding, aquaculture and crops planted; three areas of the field of food processing and logistics industry, the annual output value of more than 80 billion yuan. Among them, the field of agricultural production up to 56 billion market opportunity, the first of the three major areas. "Broadwood" the concept of fad diets advertised in recent years has driven a new wave patterns of health New Life Movement. How to eat Broadwood Broadwood, live among the most IN topic. Of course, from the producers of agricultural products to the processing industry, and even to provide farm products industry auxiliary production tools equipment manufacturer, is also optimistic about this wave of Broadwood wave, competing to produce the most relevant concepts of health and vitality products, sights this wave Broadwood opportunities.


Broadwood new consumer trend

"LOHAS" "appears" cultural creation: 50 million people, how to change the world (The Cultural Creatives: How 50 Million People are Changing the World) "in 1998, a book which, until recent years, the term is a large number of reference, "love health, love the lifestyle of the Earth" almost "LOHAS" equate. And how to eat healthy, in recent years one of the top concern of consumers "LOHAS". According to Wikipedia (Wikipedia) definition, the "LOHAS" is the emerging lifestyle ethnic one from the west, transliteration LOHAS from LOHAS is the English abbreviation of the Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability, meaning to health and self-sufficiency the patterns lead a life of.

European in every three people is that he is LOHAS; in the United States every four one. United States Natural Products Marketing Institute 2006 U.S. LOHAS consumer trends survey report predicts that the next 10 years, the green consumer market in the United States will quadruple to $ 420 billion by 2010, up to $ 845 billion in 2015. Shares LOHAS consumer trends is spreading worldwide, even in Asia, Japan, Korea, America, Singapore, Hong Kong and other places, also felt this craze.

"LOHAS" stressed "love healthy lifestyle, love the earth" contains quite a multi-faceted, such as the consumption of natural and organic foods, living in buildings with green features, the use of appliances with energy-saving features, ... , including natural and organic food or ingredients is a fast-growing industries in the food industry, LOHAS willing to pay higher prices to buy more healthy, nutritious food.

LOHAS consumer trends in this share, representing the suppliers should be able to fast and stable supply of natural and organic food and ingredients will be able to grasp the huge Broadwood opportunities. Optimistic about the business opportunities brought by the the Broadwood diet new concept, located in the Golden Triangle production cooperatives in Taichung, decided to cattle tomato popular in Europe and the United States as the main improvement sights on natural organic agricultural products, through the introduction of the latest mode of production the use of wireless sensor (WSN), ingredients market for America's agricultural products to create higher added value and enhance the overall output value and yield. Also, see the huge business opportunities, but the mode of production still remains in the traditional labor-intensive era of America's agricultural, but also attracted ex River Po-Hung Chen, general manager, pitched into the U (Ubiquitous ubiquitous) crops planted build, and selected Golden Triangle cooperative partner.

Once in Han Xiang aerospace as programmers En River Po-Hung Chen, general manager of fate two years ago to help America's largest chicken farm - chicken farm in the mountains to build information technology equipment, America's agriculture generally in information technology serious shortage of Stone Age farmers in planting crops, to decide when the seeding and fertilization or harvest comes from the perennial experience accumulated and terms of manpower, to make judgments and practice how to respond to climate change.

However, America is located on climate variability subtropical environment, crops affected by external environment, such as hot and cold changes in the weather, typhoons and rainstorms had a big impact. Because there is not enough information technology equipment processes and corresponding measures, but by agricultural producers in the traditional way to grow crops, so that America's agricultural products each year because of the environmental impact caused enormous losses. Most of America's agricultural industry is also generally small, there is no adequate funding or manpower to build scale information technology equipment, so that the majority of America's small and medium-sized agricultural industry has long been in the industrial structure dependent on the weather , and Po-Hung Chen said.

U environment significantly improved productivity

See the practical problems faced by America's agricultural production efficiency, and Traceability information flow observed in recent years, the Council of Agriculture for farmers to promote the use of one-dimensional bar code, 2D bar codes and RFID biographical information communication media, record to the path end biographical information and information systems from the production side, the processing side, the logistics side, but lack of independence solve an important part of the production end of the operating environment change factors, the Grace River Po-Hung Chen, general manager and the remaining five employees, decided to take advantage of the maturing wireless sensor networks (WSN) technology, solutions for agricultural producers to improve production efficiency of U (Ubiquitous ubiquitous). "America's agricultural producers can not raise the production efficiency of the problem generally is that producers too dependent on the judgment of experience, a lot of manpower jobs, and can not provide the appropriate environment for crop growth." Well River Po-Hung Chen, general manager of the point where the problem lies.

"However, to control the weather and other factors of change is not easy, To actually solve production issues facing producers in the outdoor environment, uh River only warning notification producers based on the changes in the environment., En River The system must import the greenhouse farms of agricultural producers, agricultural producers U environment in the greenhouse can be controlled, to the ubiquitous care agricultural products significantly improve production efficiency, "Po-Hung Chen supplement.

U of crops planted three programs

In actual operation, the ex River through technical cooperation with the Institute for Information Industry, the completion of U of crops planted three solutions, including the first part of the environmental control systems for the construction of "smart"; second part of the research and development "Farm Management System"; The third part is the development of the "Traceability collection system. However, in response to the characteristics and growth processes of different crops, TU River for different agricultural crops designing custom-made control of information flow. After careful studies, En River the end of formal and planted popular in Europe and America of the sun tomato-beef tomato-based Taichung Golden Triangle production cooperatives cooperation partner for the technology into production cooperatives of the Golden Triangle.

Mentioned will choose with Golden Triangle cooperatives as the main concern of the initial partners, Po-Hung Chen said selected by the "Golden Triangle partner, the Golden Triangle is currently the only year-round cattle tomato manufacturers, but also the first company in America by the Council of Agriculture Traceability verification agricultural producers. "Golden Triangle production cooperatives to create third-party production of tomatoes, beef and tomato planted by a third party according to the standard operating procedures, to be cattle tomato harvesting, the cooperative is responsible for marketing; complete supply chain En River decision and the Golden Triangle.

In addition, uh river Besides watching the nutrition of beef and tomato pulp sweet, rich in lycopene, an antioxidant effect and can be used with Hamburg and pasta sauce widely eaten crops with high economic value. Golden Triangle's existing use of a semi-open room greenhouse cultivation as a mode of production, and modular production facilities, the production yield is more than four times the traditional open approach. Golden Triangle sales, the auction price of the fruit and vegetable market in Taipei are located in the top three. Golden Triangle cooperatives supply industry, including Mos Burger, Pacific SOGO, Carrefour and other large stores of the industry or food industry. These are the main purpose of cooperation by the grace River and the Golden Triangle.

The ex River Cooperation industry - Taichung Golden Triangle production cooperatives in the producer Lin Rongcan said: "feel the consuming public in recent years, the importance of natural organic and safe non-toxic food ingredients as well as the surge in demand, cooperatives have selected beef and tomato as the main product and the large supply of safe and non-toxic cattle tomato final appeal. "producing delicious beef tomatoes, in Lin Rongcan to further explained:" There must be plenty of sunshine, air and water, the best environment is the air is dry, about climate 24 C, light bright but not hot Mediterranean climate. soil as many soilless planting flowers and plants, as long as you have good nutritional needs of the deployment, the impact is not large. "

In order to simulate the Mediterranean climate, Linrong Can Ming School of Management, an investment of 20 million, after five years, R & D can be insects, bird, every rain, shading, drip irrigation, nutrient solution automatic transmission design activities curtain multifunction facilities. In addition, the tomato production in the Golden Triangle is very safe and non-toxic, multifunction facilities of the Golden Triangle, through the activities of the curtain, may be initially isolated from bovine tomato directly exposed to rain, reducing beef and tomato after the rain "bacterial wilt" or "toxins disease "probability, in order to reduce the proportion of pesticides sprayed on beef and tomato.

However, to achieve rapid supply of a large number of safe and non-toxic cattle tomato, you need to build the whole planting process, Golden Triangle, a co-production model, with more than 10 manufacturers together beef and tomato plant under cultivation and management procedures, and mining plan production of each third-party production of more than 25 tonnes per subdivision, Council of Agriculture announced the production of other tomato planting way 10 times more continue to expand the scale of production.

To import wireless sensor technology

Import the wireless sensor (WSN), Linrong Can say that this is the Golden Triangle an important way to enhance the output value of the "the existing Golden Triangle production cooperatives third-party activities Curtain multifunction facility, equipped with a thermometer, hygrometer, photometer, sunshades , awning, PLC-controlled drip irrigation equipment, however, at this stage of the operation mode, is almost the use of human adjustment device.

For example, one way or another to determine whether the degree of sunlight sunshine sunshades, before the rains start by artificial rain shelter, as well as by human judgment whether the start drip irrigation equipment. "In order to do to meet the customers' needs of the health-oriented science and technology producing farms, the Golden Triangle has spent more than a year of effort, and grace River Technology to develop a set of smart technology assistance systems, combined with various types of sensing devices (temperature and humidity, soil conductivity degrees, light intensity, etc.), in the case of limited human resources, the future of this system can do remote control activities Curtain (sunshades, rain shelter), that the staff is not in the scene can also be initiated through a computer or mobile device sunshades and canopy of. "Lin Rongcan, conceal his excitement.

Is published by the Institute for Information Industry technology transfer, the ex River and the Golden Triangle co-developed system, a record of expert knowledge, according to changes in the weather conditions (light intensity, the possibility of rain), automatic control activities Curtain, cattle tomato water and nutrient solution insufficient to start automatically when the drip irrigation system to assist the members of the cooperative use of automated information technology, effectively reduce the probability of tomato infection and pesticide usage, improve production efficiency, moving to safe and nontoxic cattle tomato Farm Technology. Linrong Can "activities curtain, automatic control equipment, all kinds of sense of measurement equipment and expert system software and hardware precision the control bovine tomato quality and yield, will effectively reduce the Golden Triangle, the amount of pesticides used in the production of beef and tomato crops the incidence of disease. "

The process of construction of Farm Technology the ex River and the gold triangle production co-operatives, the America-owned policy will play the role of information science and technology innovation and application consultancy and counseling of analysis issues faced in the Golden Triangle production cooperatives of third manufacturers both production mode, given the innovative application of information technology recommendations, and to further assist in planning how to use existing wireless sensor (WSN), then tomato production process with the existing cattle sector, the process and find the wireless sensor measurement technology system integrators to form cooperative team . III will assist this cooperation team, substantial government recognition and support.

The same time, the Institute for Information Industry will continue to assist the agricultural industry and information vendors to promote wireless sensing technology products and systems derived from innovative applications push hands as mass production information, the Institute for Information Industry will continue to cooperate with grace River, and promote the Golden Triangle production cooperatives become truly health-oriented science and technology production farms. From bovine tomato prove the America agricultural boutique comparable to Japan, success stories, is expected to drive the rest of the industry to follow up and promote America's agricultural boutique global marketing.